Personal Injury

After being contacted and retained, I act quickly and aggressively to investigate a personal injury case, personally conducting

  • a careful on site examination of the accident scene,
  • the motor vehicles as may have been involved,
  • finding witnesses and obtaining their statements if possible,
  • following the medical treatment of my client,
  • working with insurance adjusters, and later, if required, with opposing counsel in a filed lawsuit, and
  • considering a settlement if reasonable, and a trial if not.

In personal injury cases, except for very unusual cases, there is never an up front charge to the client, who is obligated to pay a fee only if my law firm prevails in the case. When the case warrants, in some cases, I may associate with other law firms to increase the number of attorneys and the number of staff people working on your case, and all at no extra cost to my client.

I began working with personal injuries in 1972 as my first area of law practice with some of the most experienced and well known personal injury lawyers in the State of Texas.