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Areas of Practice:

  • Wills, Probate, Advance Directives, and Powers of Attorney
  • Personal Injuries
  • Real Estate
  • Business Transactions
  • Litigation
  • General Consultation

Areas of Practice:

Wills, Probate, Advance Directives, and Powers of Attorney

I write a Last Will and Testament to suit the individual and do not use canned Will computer forms where the client's wishes are often made to fit the format. Wills are best suited when made to meet the requirements of the individual rather than trying to impress the client with long pre-made computer generated will forms with pages of wasted, unnecessary language, and additional expenses.

I have the basic Texas Statutory Advance Directives and Powers of Attorney to use. However, I have worked in this area with other very experienced attorneys, medical doctors, and emergency room nurses to be able to provide better documents for the situation when my client's health may fail with more input from my client's particular wishes in these times of serious illness. Not everyone has the same health issues nor the same thoughts on serious illnesses so why should they have the same advance directives?

An agent acting under a power of attorney has both obligations and responsibilities and knowing these and accepting them by the agent's signature is not on the standard form. Copies of all laws on advance directives and powers of attorney are always included in my client's files when these documents are prepared in my law firm for both present and future references.

If you sign an advance directive using the "standard form" to the hospital and put a "no" treatment under "irreversible conditions", you may be approving your irreversible conditions as being the cause of your death when if properly treated these irreversible conditions could have turned out to not have been the ultimate cause of your death at all! The "standard" directive to the hospital provides that you are declared "terminal" 6 months before your death, and a "no" under treatment for terminal conditions may be "pulling the plug 6 months before you die" which no one has ever done out of the many custom directives I have prepared for my clients, which allow the client to place his or her own end of treatment as stated in days or even hours before death occurs.

Personal Injuries

After being contacted and retained, I act quickly and aggressively to investigate a personal injury case, personally conducting

In personal injury cases, except for very unusual cases, there is never an up front charge to the client, who is obligated to pay a fee only if my law firm prevails in the case. When the case warrants, in some cases, I may associate with other law firms to increase the number of attorneys and the number of staff people working on your case, and all at no extra cost to my client.

I began working with personal injuries in 1972 as my first area of law practice with some of the most experienced and well known personal injury lawyers in the State of Texas.

Real Estate

I have handled millions of dollars in real estate sales transactions in Aransas County, Texas, and in other areas of Texas, from the sale of unimproved land to the sale of Hospitals, Automobile Dealerships, and large ongoing Commercial Businesses.

I have worked with Title Guaranty Companies, escrow title offices, realtors, and individuals, assisting both Sellers and Buyers to achieve a timely and correct closing. Some people may be unaware that the title company attorneys do not represent either party in the real estate sale.

Business Transactions

I have consulted with new businesses in organizing their status as Sub-Chapter S Corporations, Limited Liability Companies, and Sole Proprietorship's, as well as with on-going companies and the various circumstances in which they find themselves involved. I have also been of assistance with companies that merely want to keep their legal requirements up to date with the offices of the State of Texas, and with companies that are dissolving their corporate status


I have represented numerous individuals in small claims court, county courts, district courts, and the court of civil appeals, both in jury and non jury cases, for about forty (40) years. Some people that are not even a party to a lawsuit may be called to testify in an oral deposition or in trial and may need to counsel with an attorney of their own rather than the party's attorney as to what may be expected. Some small claims matters can be handled by my clients with only a minimum amount of advice from my law firm and save money.

I no longer represent people in criminal law cases, whether in the municipal court for minor traffic violations nor in the district court for serious felony cases. After years of practice in felony criminal law cases and many jury trials, I have had to limit my practice to other areas after I no longer had sufficient time to represent clients in almost every area of the law.

Representing clients in family law matters has become so time consuming that it restricts a law practice to not being able to help clients in other areas of law and therefore, wanting to represent clients in a wide variety of issues, at this time I have had to discontinue my family law practice.

General Consultation

Not everyone that asks for my legal services is involved in a lawsuit or dispute expected to result in a lawsuit. Some clients merely want to be kept up to date on various legal issues of most interest to them in their individual, family, or business. Others may call with "I have a question" which in most instances involves numerous other matters, and sometimes, the client is not even asking the right question as to their concern. Some people may want to discuss their case with others who are not licensed to practice law or with attorneys who do not regularly practice law in the field of interest, or with an attorney in the family who may just help them free of charge, however, in most instances it is best to consult with your own independent counsel.

It is best to consult with your own independent counsel before the matter turns to a position where it cannot be corrected. If you are served with papers in a lawsuit, read the citation which will tell you when you must file an "Answer". If you fail to file a response, the party initiating the lawsuit may obtain a default judgment against you that may become final. Not all lawsuits are capable of prevailing as in instances where the complainant has waited too long to file the suit and the statute of limitations has run, however, as the responding party, if you fail to assert even this defense, it is waived or lost!


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